Sony explains why so few PSOne classics are available for Vita on the US store

Yesterday, we told you how PS Vita is the best way to play PSOne games. But there's no denying the US PlayStation Store in particular is very lean in terms of PSOne games you can actually download directly to your Vita. Yes, the 1.8 Firmware does allow you to transfer most PSOne games from a PS3's hard drive and play them without any problems on Vita, but that just makes the list of only 9 directly downloadable games so bizarre, especially when the EU store has a list of over 100.

Well, after contacting Sony for comment, Sony's US office has replied and this is what they have to say:

Each territory is completely unique and must go through its own individual processes for approvals in order to be available for purchase directly on PS Vita through PlayStation Store. We work collaboratively with all parties involved, including third party publishers, to ensure that we are following the proper protocol. As of right now, there are nine PS one classics titles available on the PS Vita store, however we are working hard to expand this list as soon as possible.

Above: PSOne games transferred from a PS3 but not all of them are available on Vita's store

So it sounds like they're going back through and making sure all of the publishing deals and licenses are still valid before making them available for republishing to a Vita. Either SCEE has just assumed it's all fine or started way ahead of the US office, but that is quite a disparity in terms of the two territories.

Like we said yesterday, it's been a bit of a palaver, but at least SCEA is actively trying to rectify the situation. And it is worth the effort. We'll get there in the end.

Justin Towell

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