Sony confirms more PlayStation games are coming to PC

Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island
(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

More PlayStation games will be coming to PC within the next year or so, Sony has revealed.

Sony has published their fiscal year 2022 consolidated earnings report, containing a tiny bit of information on PC launches. Sony says it will continue "rolling out catalogue titles for PC," but didn't provide a timetable for the launch of any such PC releases.

Is this a major surprise? No, it isn't. But since the last PlayStation-made game launched on PC earlier this year (The Last of Us Part 1), Sony has been mum on the possibility of further PlayStation exclusives, both on PS4 and PS5, making the jump from consoles to PC.

By now, we've seen Horizon Zero Dawn, Marvel's Spider-Man, and other former exclusives debut on PC. The Last of Us Part 1's launch was arguably PlayStation's worst PC releases to date, unfortunately, as the port was plagued with bugs and other technical issues.

This comment paves the way for further PC port speculation from the PlayStation fanbase. One game that's been eyed up for a port for fans for a good while is Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima, but nothing has ever been confirmed by Sony, with merely a box art change last year in June hinting at a possible PC port.

Sony usually tends to hang back on porting games to PC for a few years after their first launch. The only exception to this has been The Last of Us Part 1, which took roughly half a year to arrive on PC, but was always billed as coming to PC since it was first announced earlier in 2022.

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