Sony confirms LocoRoco's return

Sony's own Phil Harrison has promised LocoRoco will return, despite the PSP-only blob-'em-up being not quite the DS defeating smash hit the company was hoping for.

During his interview with MTV News, the boss of Sony's worldwide studios first called the title "a very successful game for us," then went on to say that Sony is "going to bring LocoRoco back in a couple of new ways with some new friends in the future."

Now to us, that already sounds like there are plans afoot to expand the ever inflating blob from his PSP home on to PS3, probably through Sony's own version of Xbox Live, the e-Distribution Initiative.

And just in case there's any doubt about the series debuting on console and perhaps even becoming a flagship brand to rival the big names of Turismo and Tekken, he went on to use the F-word, promising that Sony was "continuing to evolve the franchise."

Elsewhere in the conversation, the man who looks after all of Sony's own studios praised Nintendo's DS for changing the way that people play games, even saying that "Nintendo should be congratulated" for the amount of new gamers attracted by the new system. But then he quickly showed the double edge of this particular sword by cheekily adding, "They areour customers of tomorrow."

December 19, 2006