Sonic Frontiers release date confirmed for November

Sonic Frontiers
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Update: Sonic Frontiers has finally confirmed its release date as November 8.

At the Gamescom Opening Night Live ceremony earlier today on August 23, Sega debuted a brand new extensive trailer for Sonic Frontiers. It was during this trailer that the worldwide release date of November 8 was finally confirmed for the new action-packed game, confirming the leak from earlier on in the day.

The original article follows below.

Original: A Sonic Frontiers release date of November 8 has apparently been accidentally revealed online.

The new detail came about earlier today on August 23, from a Japanese ad for the upcoming game. Apparently, the new ad ended by displaying a release date of November 8 in Japan for Sonic Frontiers, which if true, is a brand new release date for the game.

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However, it appears the trailer has since been delisted from YouTube. If you click on the YouTube link to the trailer in the tweet above now, you'll find a message instead saying that the video has been set to private, meaning only those with access can see the restricted trailer.

Although the trailer has been delisted, it does lend credence to the accuracy of the leaked release date for Sonic Frontiers. We could potentially be waiting just a few more months for the arrival of Sonic Frontiers, and it's worth mentioning that Sega has always been transparent about targeting a late 2022 release window for the Blue Blur's new game.

In fact, this isn't even the first time the date of November 8 has been mentioned for Sonic Frontiers. Earlier this year, sleuthing Steam users noted the storefront's database had been updated to display a release date of November 8 for the game, although this was changed to the date of December 3 shortly after it was picked up on.

It could be that this trailer was supposed to be revealed later today on August 23. Gamescom Opening Night Live host Geoff Keighley has confirmed that Sonic Frontiers will have a presence at the showcase taking place later today, so it's entirely possible that the leaked release date could be announced here.

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