Sonic Colors announced for Wii

After the disaster that was Sonic Unleashed, we assumed Sega would take a year or two off the Sonic whoring, and instead focus on the recently announcedSonic the Hedgehog 4. Today though, Sega revealed it still plans to slap Sonic in at least one WTF game a year, and this time it's Sonic Colors.

According to ahelpful blog post, Colors has Sonic rescuing a group of colorful aliens called Wisps from the clutches of Dr Eggman. The villain has set up a series of amusement parks that enslave the various Wisp powers, and as Sonic you'll save the Wisps and then use them for your own means.

Once you collect a certain Wisp, like say Yellow or Cyan, you'll be able to further explore the level by activating your special power. Yellow, for example, starts up a drill that enables you to dig deep into the level and sniff out alternate paths. Combining powers will kick start a combo meter.

Sonic Colors is due out this fall, roughly the same time as Sonic 4. Even though our Sonic cynicism is on high, the rainbow-colored nature of the world and characters does instill enough interest to once again give this game a chance while we patiently wait for Sonic 4. And the trailer's music sure is helping.

Obviously we'll see, hear and play more at E3 2010, which takes place June 15-17.

May 26, 2010

Brett Elston

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