Sonic and NiGHTS go golfing together

Ever fancied playing golf around Green Hill Zone? In truth, neither have we - but we do now. Anew section (opens in new tab)on Sega's Japanese website has sprung up with screenshots of a new PC game called Sega Splash! Golf showing Sonic and NiGHTS playing golf together, with some anime kids. Of course, the Sega pair have appeared in the same game several times before (Sonic Riders, Sonic Adventure and Sega Superstars all spring to mind) but never to play golf. But hey - if Mario can do it, why can't the Sega gang?

Some of the screenshots show classic Sonic level furniture such as hoops in the sky - the kind that Tails would fly through - along with Knuckles' speciality updraught fans in the ground. We'd wager a well-placed shot will see your ball transported way up the course via either of these.

Above: "And then NiGHTS paralooped Sonic's ball and... oh, I suppose you had to be there"

We're not so hot at reading Japanese, so the only other info we can gather is that it's heading for PC at some point in the not-so-distant future (although it would surely be perfect for Wii too) and that it will feature characters from Sonic, NiGHTS, Fantasy Zone and Puyo Pop Fever. It looks like it's going to feature an online mode too. Oh, and the children may be called Miel and Rusk. Of course, we're now wondering whether these are the children to star alongside NiGHTS in the forthcoming Journey of Dreams... but surely we wouldn't find out like this. Would we?

Sega wasn't available for comment at the time of writing, so we'll bring you more concrete details as soon as we can.

June 7, 2007

Justin Towell

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