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Something Awful debuts Marble Madness: The Movie

Game-to-movie adaptations are, for lack of a better word,shit. Even the best of them are lucky if they achieveso much asmediocrity, thanks to low budgets, incompetent direction and a strong desire on the parts of everyone involvedto mess with the established characters and plots.

While beloved interweb comedy site Something Awful isn't exactly out to reverse that trend, it has released what might be the only relentlessly entertaining videogame movie to be released in the last 20 years: a two-minute Flash adaptation of Marble Madness.


Created by animator Dave "Shmorky" Kelly and writer Rich "Lowtax"Kyanka for SA's regular Flash Tub feature,the "movie" somehow remains faithful to the look and characters of theoriginal while at the same timeslapping on every cliche from every '80s action movie ever. Go on and watch it - you're never going to see another game movie that's worth every second of its run time.

Something Awful presents Marble Madness: The Movie

Mar 8, 2010

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