Someone's already made a Superman game demo in Unreal Engine 5

Superman: Space Age
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A Superman game demo already exists within Unreal Engine 5.

As Kotaku reported earlier this week, the video game tech artist volod has already managed to create a Superman gameplay demo from the Matrix-themed assets released by Epic for the Unreal Engine 5. The new-gen game engine only just entered public access earlier this week, but that hasn't stopped this developer from making their very own Superman adventure.

If you recall, late last year Epic released The Matrix Awakens, an Unreal Engine 5 tech demo aimed at demonstrating the true power of the new-gen engine. What Twitter user and developer Volod has basically done here is to take the Matrix Awakens AI, assets, buildings, vehicles, and crowds, and drop a Superman-like protagonist straight into the middle of it.

Volod told Kotaku that "if I can find an interesting gameplay loop that ties into the flight mechanic, I'd consider putting together [a...] demo and releasing it to the public." That demo obviously wouldn't include the Man of Steel, for legal reasons, but it means we could soon be flying around this city for ourselves. Before then, however, Volod says they'll need to find a way around some of the engine's "bottlenecks" that appear while zooming around the world.

As for the Unreal Engine 5 itself though, it'll probably be a few years at least before we see a commercial game utilizing it. Just earlier this week, Crystal Dynamics announced that a new Tomb Raider game would use the brand new engine, and newly-acquired PlayStation studio Firesprite quietly revealed they'd be developing a horror game in the Unreal Engine 5

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