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Somebody modded Super Mario Odyssey's possession ability into Super Mario 64

If Mario's actually been the hat all along, as some fans speculated after seeing Super Mario Odyssey's new enemy-possessing "Capture" move in action, then why couldn't he assume direct control before now? One modder has resolved that bothersome inconsistency by tweaking Super Mario 64 to retcon in a surprisingly full-featured version of Cappy capturing.

Just like in Super Mario Odyssey, Mario can throw his cap (though in this case it sort of just twirls out from his body) onto enemies and even some objects. Then Mario disappears and you start controlling his victim, waddling around as a Bob-omb or floating along as a moving platform.

Sure, you'll have to wait for Super Mario Odyssey to play through levels that are actually designed with capturing in mind, but this is a fun little amuse-bouche until then.

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