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Solid Snake and Nathan Drake's voice actors working on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Also... Kevin Butler?

Twitter must be the bane of every publisher's existence. For every time it's useful as a marketing tool, you can guarantee there will be two leaks of precious information. Entire advertising campaigns and carefully negotiated magazine coverage can be ruined by one guy tweeting 'working with @X and @Y on #Z game'. And that's probably what's just happened, as the voice actor for InFamous' lead man Cole McGrath, Eric Laden, posted a tweet, which was hastily taken down...

...but not before the internet hit 'Capture Screen'.

Oops. The feed has since been reinstated, but sans the above tweet. But while that's pretty much a certain (albeit 100% unofficial) confirmation of Cole, Snake and Nathan Drake appearing in the game, that's not the end of the new character rumours. An interesting listing has cropped up on the IMDB, which lists the cast for the game so far. And who's that lurking between Cole McGrath and Sly Cooper?

That's right, everyone's favourite MBA (Master of being Awesome) and Vice President of pretty much anything at Sony at any given moment is on the bill. Will we actually get to play as Kevin Butler? If so, the game just got 583% more appealing.

Obviously, while there's little reason to doubt either of these sources, this has to go down as rumour for now. But a rumour we like very much. For more lovely rumours, check out our E3 rumours (opens in new tab) hub.

Sources: IMDB (opens in new tab), IGN (opens in new tab), Twitter (opens in new tab)

Justin Towell
Justin Towell

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