So you've got a PlayStation 3

Get Blu-ray Bond to break in your HDTV
Now you're all Networked-up, head into the PlayStation Store. You should be greeted by the 'Featured Items' page, on which there'll be the option to grab a high-def trailer of Sony Pictures blockbuster Casino Royale - or you can head into the Demos page to find it yourself.

Zip it on your hard drive (remember you can still use your PS3 while it downloads thanks to that handy update) and then revel in Daniel Craig's granite-esque jawline as he gurns across your shiny HD TV in eye-watering resolution.

Oh, and while you compare your own withered physique with Bond's toned musculature and attempt not to weep in dismay, be cheered by this - if you followed our advice and made signing up to the Network your first (or, fair enough, second) priority then you might be in with a shout of winning Casino Royale on Blu-ray disc.

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