So you've got a PlayStation 3

Friday 23 March 2007
So, you've spuffed the cash, lugged the heavy beast home and spent the last half an hour plugging in all the wires. What next?

Don't waste your time trying to figure it out, here's our top five things you absolutely must do once your PlayStation 3 is operational. After burning your retinas into submission with whatever games you've snatched up, of course...

Get downloading the latest firmware
Okay, so this sounds about as appealing as dipping your face in a deep fat fryer. But bear with us, because it's important.

Once you've downloaded PS3's 1.60 firmware update, all your other downloads will be able to run in the background, so you can spend your time doing better things, like browsing your pics, listening to music or playing games.

For now, go and make a cup of tea while the update streams over the interwebs - you'll never drag yourself away to make one later. The download can be started by going to Settings and then System Update.

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