Snoopy vs. the Red Baron

When you think of viable franchises to wrap around yet another World War title, Peanuts is probably last on the list. Yet here it is - and you know what? It makes sense. Snoopy's always been dreaming of taking down the Red Baron, so why not let a new generation act out that decades-long dream? Snoopy vs. the Red Baron is clearly aimed at the youngins, but from what we've seen there's actually some decent dog fighting to be had.

Above: Visuals from the PS2 version of the game. PC and PSP should follow suit.

Picture any typical, midair scrap and you've got the basic idea, but instead of missiles, you shoot bottle rockets. Similarly, pumpkin seeds replace peppering shotgun blasts. For any life-ending tool the real world would employ in war, there's a friendly version Snoopy and his Peanuts pals use. But rest assured, there'll be plenty of smoky, spiraling planes thanks to those G-rated weapons.

To keep the kiddies flying high, it's not required to finish every single mission in each of the six levels. The focus is on quick tasks that let the player see as much of the colorful Peanuts world as possible - and if you assumed those tasks would include downing bogies, racing other pilots and delivering goods, then you'd be right.