Snoop Dogg's guide to Rage's wasteland is handy, slightly impractical

It appears id Software has adopted to the time-honored method of 'just add Snoop Dogg' marketing to help move copies of its post-apocalyptic shooter Rage. This week, the internet was invaded by two new videos detailing Mr. Dogg's wasteland survival strategies, including better uses for RC Bomb Cars and why every Ark dweller's crib needs scented candles...

In part one of Snoop Dogg's Guide to the Wasteland, we learn what items are essential for surviving in style after 99% of humanity is destroyed by an asteroid. Get a pen, because this is some serious shiznits:

Sweet, it looks like I'm already prepared. For part two of his life saving series, Snoop breaks down the nuances of Rage's weaponry and a weird dream he had about a dog with a gun taped to his head. Hmm...must have eaten some bad chicken before bed.

How or why Snoop Dogg came to star in his own Rage web videos is a bit of a mystery. Maybe he won the opportunity as a door prize during the big Rage launch party earlier this month. And then, maybe it's just one of the perks of being Snoop Dogg. Either way, when and if Apophis striles, we know what videos we'll be studying.

Oct 25, 2011

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