SmashRadar: Reader Theme Smashes

Honorable Mentions
Here are the reader themes that almost made the cut. Most of them were left out because they either weren't that fun, weren't that interesting or in one case, it was submitted right before we went to press - so we didn't have time to record it for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Characters: Any
Stage(s): Melee Stage- Temple
Special Rules: Use the black palette swap only.

The Payoff: Fun in that “We’ve been playing for 14 hours straight at it’s 3 in the morning… what else can we do instead of our homework?” way.

This was actually suggested several different ways as an “Evil Showdown” and such- but really, “funeral” sums it up.

Stage(s): Melee Stage- Temple
Special Rules: Use white or light blue palette swaps only.

The Payoff: See above.

You know you’ve been playing the game way too long when youtry this theme and actually spend time figuring out who’s marrying who and devising a plot to explain why you’re suddenly putting the smackdown on your bride/groom-to-be.

Classic Mode- The Legend of Zelda
Characters: Link, Ganondorf, Zelda, (Sheik)
Stage(s): Melee Stage- Temple or Bridge of Eldin
Special Rules: Same deal as Classic Mode, but with Zelda doing nothing or fleeing while Ganondorf tries to KO her.
The Payoff: Treating Sheik as a separate character from Zelda.

Ness, Lucas, Pikachu
Stage(s): Any
Special Rules: Lightning-based attacks only.
The Payoff: Settling once and for all which is more irritating: 1) “PIKA!” or 2) “PK THUNDER!”

King of the Creek
Characters: Any
Stage(s): Distant Planet
Special Rules: Stay on the slanted ground and DO NOT use Up B moves.
The Payoff: It’s a lot harder than it looks.

This was originally suggested as “Up the Creek without a Paddle,” but when you add ass-kicking to the mix, it’s more like king of the mountain- but with a creek instead of a mountain.

That’s it for this week, kids. Next week, we’ll have coverage of GameStop's Brawl championships following this weekend’s tournament. If you’ve got an idea for SmashRadar, or really want to keep this theme discussion rolling, head on over to ourSmash Bros. forumor drop us a line at

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Apr 11, 2008