SmashRadar: Reader Theme Smashes

There were two users who suggested similar themes involving Snake and blowing stuff up- so we combined the two and came up with an awesome match, tailored specially for Snake fans:

Wet ‘n’ Wild
Characters: Pokemon Trainer (Squirtle only) and Mario
Stage(s): Pirate Ship
Special Rules: Attack only with water attacks.

Squirtle is way over-powered compared to Mario’s weak water attacks, so we recommend slapping on a rule where only one person can be Squirtle (preferably your kid sister or someone who sucks in proportion to Squirtle’s awesome) and that the Marios work on their team skills or risk getting pwned (see below).

Garden Party
Special Conditions: In Special Brawl, set heads to Flower and bodies to tiny. Turn off the handicap!
Characters: Any
Stage(s): Distant Planet

This sounded so dumb, we almost didn’t try it- but once we did, we fell in love with our super-cute selves flailing around a jungle setting, trying to kick someone’s ass before our the flower perma-glued to our heads KO’d us. Go ahead, give in to your inner girly-girlness…we promise we won’t tell Schwarzenegger.