SmashRadar: Faces of Death 2

Last week we posted20of our craziest Brawl screens, from Kirby chopping Luigi's head off to Marth shoving his fist down Ness's throat. But, as anyone who's played it knows, Brawl can deliver an unlimited amount of bizarre images, and we've still got a few to share.

Don't forget to submit your own to us via WiiConnect24. Add us as a Wii Friend (7609-2353-2917-5081) and Brawl friend (5412-9513-8383), email us ( to let us know we're added and we'll add you too. Then, once we're all registered and friendly like, you should be able to send us your best Smash pics through the album viewer - we'll be on the lookout and post the best. And unless your picture is easily understood just by looking at it, shoot us a Wii Message that describes what's going on.

If you're PC savvy, you can also save the screens to an SD card and email us the .BIN file at the same address. Honestly, that way's a lot easier. Your choice!

And now... more!

Impaled by dinosaur tongue? What a way to go. It's even poking out of his back!

Pausing just after swallowing an enemy leads to this grossly oversized Yoshi. Wario couldn't be in a worse position.

Final Smashing Yoshi sprouts wings and catches on fire. Proper pausing freezes him in this pose, where he seems to be having second thoughts about shooting fireballs out of his mouth...