SmashRadar: Faces of Death

As you should already know, Brawl comes included with a handy dandy screenshot grabber. This makes capturing breathtaking moments a breeze, so now anyone can do it, not just those with fancy capture stations. So, with the launch of Brawl looming (just under 48 hours for the US!), we're gonna kick start the "craziest Brawl images" with our own collection of the cruelest, weirdest screens we could muster. Once you get a copy, add our Wii Friend Code (7609-2353-2917-5081) and our Smash Bros. code (5412-9513-8383), give us your codes at, and then send us your best screens via WiiConnect24 and Brawl's in-game screen grabber. If you're lucky enough to be able to take your own screens, email them to that same address. The best submissions will be posted and receive full credit for their hard work.

His face says it all.

If you think Dark Link beheading Lucas is unsettling, how about this...

His head... is so big! And Link's trapped inside! We're not sure who to be scared for.