SmashRadar: Alt costumes exposed!

Jigglypuff is one of the few Brawl-ites that actually changes costumes, not just colors. Choose among a sleeping cap, a hat, a flower and a Pokemon trainer hat.

Pikachu, unaware of the impending doom just behind him, only wishes to wave and enjoy the scenery. His colors change slightly, and also wears a small accessory in each.

Kid Icarus returns! Palette swapped clothes plus different colored wings await.

Not pictured: light blue wings

The Robotic Operating Buddy makes another surprise appearance after coming out of nowhere to co-star in Mario Kart DS. Now he comes in yellow, green, pink and black variants.

Not pictured: dull gray that appears to be ROB's US color scheme.

The strangest Brawler of them all comes in five solid colors other than his initial black: icy blue, dark red, dark blue, dark yellow and green (not pictured).

That's it for this installment of SmashRadar. The US release date is drawing close, so keep in mind when you capture an amazing moment in still or video. We'll be posting some of our bizarre occurrences soon, but the coolest reader submissions will appear in their very own SmashRadar!

Feb 25, 2008