SmashRadar: Alt costumes exposed!

Donkey Kong goes all out by changing his fur color for each variant. He even bought matching ties!

Not pictured: reddish hair with blue tie

Diddy appears to be channeling Dixie Kong with a pink hat/shirt combo and lighter hair, plus purple, blue and yellow alts as well.

Not pictured: green shirt and hat

Kirby's first villain dabbles in pink, purple and green, plus a borderline black and white alt that looks a little like his first Game Boy appearance.

Not pictured: white

Squat yet impressively fierce, Metaknight has plagued Kirby for years, and now looks to cause trouble in the Brawlscape as well. Go bright pink Metaknight!

Not pictured: green

Kirby's no stranger to palette swapping, but we really appreciate the black and white shout out to his Game Boy roots. Sakurai knows how to please.

Not pictured: yellow

Playing with four Ice Climbers is one of the most confusing matches in all of Smash Bros. Even with color differences as drastic as black, white, red and blue, things can still get a little weird.

Not pictured: green with white trim, yellow companion

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