SmashRadar: Alt costumes exposed!

Earthbound's main character always carries his trusty bat, but now he's also got a change of clothes tucked away.

Not pictured: blue hat with yellow striped shirt

The main character of Japan-only Mother 3, Lucas joins Ness in Brawl after narrowly missing entry in Smash Bros. Melee. Their moves are a little different, but in our experience, being good with one translated to the other.

Not pictured: black and white shirt

One of Diamond and Pearl's most popular new Pokemon, Lucario boasts some impressive skills and is a solid addition to Brawl's roster. His alts mostly involve the color of his fur.

Captain Falcon still demands "show me your moves!" so that meme can live on for another few years. Falcon's alt diversity is to be admired - we don't know many bounty hunters who keep green, pink and black versions of their clothes on hand.

Not pictured: purple and dark red, reminding us of F-Zero GX's Blood Falcon

One of the speediest characters in all of Nintendo Creation, Fox offers black, red and green variants to blind opponents.

Not pictured: green jacket, black pants

Equally swift Falco switches up his jacket and space accessories, but also offers a black-feathered version too.

Not pictured: gray jacket, blue accessories

Wolf joins the fray with a few different jackets and a very cheesy all-white getup. Black, green and purple options are also available.

Not pictured: blue and white

One of Nintendo's greatest villains raids the closet for green, red, blue and black renditions of his classic Ganondorf attire.

Not pictured: dark hair and skin