SmashRadar: Alt costumes exposed!

For the Nintendo devout, Brawl is a never-ending source of joy. Just about every second of gameplay, be it single player, multiplayer orevent mode, is bursting with fan service and obscure shout-outs that only the hardest of the hardcore will get. But if you're reading this, you already know how much ass Smash Bros. historically kicks. You're also deadly curious to see all the alternate costumes, colors and accessories Nintendo laid out for its million-dollar mascots. Here they are.

Armored Samus suits up with a Prime 2-themed dark variant, plus pink, green and a purple alternate reminiscent of her Super Metroid days.

Not pictured: a yellow and blue suit invoking the color scheme of Metroid Fusion.

Zero Suit Samus (aka Zamus or ZSS) arrives in the same color as her armor. Black armor gives you black suit, etc.

Princess Zelda's Royal Closet is filled with pretty pieces any Hyrulian lass would fawn over. Green and white, a mix of reds, black with white hair and even a Peach-colored outfit with blonde hair to boot.

Not pictured: blue dress

Ike strikes a pose (er, four poses) with crossed arms and matching capes. His spiky blue hair stays the same throughout though. Color coordination is one thing, but you don't mess with the man's hair. We guess.

Not pictured: green

Marth's alts aren't too different from Ike's. Still knows how to ham it up for the camera though.

Not pictured: light blue cape

Brett Elston

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