SmashRadar: Events guide

Super Smash Bros. Brawl hits US shelves in mere weeks. Once it does, thousands (and eventually millions) of gamers will bury themselves in the game's ocean-deep gameplay, be it four-player fights or single-player themed events. The latter have been somewhat ignored up to this point, so before Brawl is in the hands of every Wii owner on the planet, here are all 41 events you'll be playing over and over again - just as you did with Melee.

Event 1

Defeat Bowser and DeDeDe, playing as Mario. Easy stuff.

Event 2

A perpetually Final-Smashing Fox must use the Landmaster tank to beat Sheik and Metaknight.

Event 3

Beat Kirby before the Halberd ship lands. You have a certain amount of time to complete, and play as Metaknight.

Event 4

Use Pit to destroy all the platforms. Wario is your enemy, but he can help by damaging the structures as well.

Event 5

An all-Poke battle with two trainers. You both have three lives.

Event 6

Run through the Mushroomy Kingdom as Bowser while three Mario jerks try to get there first. Best to stick to the high ground.

Event 7

Donkey Kong vs a team of tiny Diddy Kongs. Watch out for the karts!

Event 8

More Pokemon-themed fighting, now as Pikachu against the Trainer.

Event 9

Ike against Diddys and then a giant Donkey Kong. By the time Kong shows up, you might be worn out - be careful!

Event 10

Battle against the classic roster of brawlers. Choose your character and fight Mario, Samus, Link etc.

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