SmashRadar: Events guide

Event 21

Earthbound's not big enough for these two; only one will survive!

Event 22

Diddy and Donkey against Lucario and Sheik in a race to the top. Everyone has two lives, so you just have to knock 'em out to win.

Event 23

You begin as Samus with 300% damage. One hit will probably do you in, so you have to avoid Fox and Falcon while the lava rises. When the lava wave comes, only one can fit inside a special capsule that appears. Stand in it to win.

Event 24

Use Captain Falcon's Final Smash to beat two R.O.B.s before one lap is over.

Event 25

Lucario must fight many enemies as Dialga launches attacks on the stage. He'll blast lasers, blow chunks of the level away and even slow time. Oh, that Dialga.

Event 26

Ness against tiny Olimar and Pikmin on the Animal Crossing stage. KK plays in the background.

Event 27

R.O.B. against Charizard, Donkey Kong and Bowser. Tiny robot up against three massive enemies!

Event 28

Use Peach to turn all the Electroplankton leaves red. At first we tought we had to arrange some kind of tune, but no, just get 'em red. Olimar will affect the leaves so it's best to get him out of the way.

Event 29

Choose a character and fight Falcon, Luigi, Ness and Jigglypuff on this Mario-themed level.

Event 30

One Sonic against a team of Sonics on Green Hill Zone.

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