SmashRadar: Events guide

Event 11

You have to fight a team of Yoshis, but the trick is to knock them off in the order they come out. First one on the screen is the first you have to KO, etc.

Event 12

Use Yoshi's tongue attack to put Kirby and Pikachu in eggs at the same time.

Event 13

Gather all three pieces to triple-KO the Wario team.

Event 14

We think thisis about damage dealt with Olimar. The goal is to make every Pikmin grow a flower. Near as we can tell, that's accomplished by racking up hits. Hitting B pulls more Pikmin out of the ground too.

Event 15

It's a team of DeDeDes against a giant metal DeDeDe on the Animal Crossing level. Pound away.

Event 16

Beat the other two Zero Suits to the Final Smash icon when it appears. You don't have to beat them, just access and activate Zero Suit Samus's Final Smash.

Event 17

Zelda against the Ice Climbers in a race to the top. Hard because even though Zelda can teleport straight up, she falls very slowly.

Event 18

A stamina battle with Shadow Link. You have a set amount of hit points and slowly whittle them away.

Event 19

Wario against Mario and Luigi in the classic Mario Bros. level. You have to use the 8-bit enemies to knock Mario and Luigi out for good. Great shout-out to the NES/arcade original.

Event 20

Choose your character (Sonic here) and fight Brawl's eight newcomers.