SmashRadar: Alt costumes exposed!

Dark Link ftw! Hyrule's greatest hero has donned many tunics over the years, but Brawl may have the best selection of all time. Gold, blue white and creepy!

Not pictured: red tunic

Kiddy Link keeps the blue, red and dark variants, but also dons a purple tunic seen in Four Swords Adventures. The green with brown sleeves alt reminds us of classic NES Link too.

Not pictured: red tunic

The trainer changes color along with his Pokemon, so there are a great many variations to play with. We're fans of the pink/purplish Charizard.

Peach has a royal selection rivaled only by Zelda, offering players green, red and white options for battle. The far right is as close to Daisy as you're going to get.

Not pictured: violet

Olimar's Brawl design is considerably more detailed than his GameCube model. You can see little pockets, dials and notches on his space suit in all of his alts, be they green, red, black and white or dark skin in a yellow suit.

Not pictured: light green with blue gloves

Yoshi's been mixing up his personal palette for years, so seeing yellow, blue and red variants is nothing special.

Not pictured: pink