Smash Bros in Japanese hands: Spoilers revealed!

It's not officially out until Friday in Japan, but already some lucky gamers are starting to get their hands on Super Smash Bros. Brawl... and are posting all the secrets on the internet (that's your official spoiler warning, there).

Already uncovered by Japanese power players are secret characters Lucario (he's a Pokemon, if you didn't know), Falco (of Starfox sarcasm fame), R.O.B. the NES robot, Luigi, Ness, Mr. Game %26amp; Watch and CVG favourite Captain Falcon.

Above: Head toCVGfor the rest of thespoiler-rich screens

Appearances have also been spotted from gigantic bosses Ridley (Metroid) and Ganondorf in the massive single-player campaign. It's not yet clear whether they're playable in the multiplayer though.

The lucky Brawl owners are still ploughing away so keep checking back for more secrets. In the meantime, lay your eyes on the below screenshots while we try to resist buying an import copy.

Courtesy of CVG

Jan 29, 2008