Smallville 7.06 Lara review

Original US airdate: 1/11/07

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Written by: Don Whitehead, Holly Henderson

Directed by: James Conway


The One Where: Kara heads to Washington in search of Superaunt while Clark learns of the clandestine government project known as Starhawk.

Verdict: All those shots of Kryptonians wandering around 1986-era Smallville in Earth casual wear somehow diminish the myth. Sure, the show’s established that Jor-El scoped out the Kents in the ’60s, but here flashback Lara seems remarkably unfussed about the imminent loss of baby Kal-El... Christopher Heyerdahl is a scary Zor-El, though. Some lousy dialogue spoils this one: when Jimmy says “Kara’s from Minnesota, it’s not like she’s from another planet,” someone really needs to put down the irony gun.

Highlight: The opening glimpse of the destruction of Krypton is a cool hook.

Influences: They’re clearly riffing on the design choices from Superman The Movie in that Krypton scene.

Bad FX: Sorry – that business with Kara and the 747 in the pre-titles is a little ropey.

Trivia: Superman’s mom first appeared in a 1939 newspaper strip, where she was initially named Lora. Not sure why this episode calls her Lara-El – she’s plain Lara in the comic books.

Star Turn: Kim Coates is memorably driven and creepy as government Man in Black Agent Walker.

Did You Spot? Yes, Lara’s played by Helen Slater, alias the Maid of Might in 1984’s misfiring big-screen Supergirl.

Best Line
Chloe: "Clearly, Kara does not fly below the radar..."

Nick Setchfield

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