Smallville 7.05 Action review

Original US airdate: 25/10/07

Written by: Caroline Dries

Directed by: Mairzee Almas


The One Where: Clark has a brush with celluloid superheroics, Lionel’s "Misery"-able fate is revealed and Lana is more than she seems.

Verdict: Yes, that’s pop poppet Christina Milian on the business end of a Taser. A breezily entertaining episode with some amusing nods to comic book culture, even if
the daft, colourful A-plot clashes horribly with the American gothic of Lionel’s story (that shot of him wrenching his hand from the beartrap is plain nasty). The revelation of Lana’s role in proceedings is an excellent left-field twist. Applause.

Highlight: Clark’s near-flying rescue of a plummeting Lana is terrific – even if he’s going to have to work on his landings...

Influences: There’s a suspicious pinch of Misery in Lionel’s entrapment, while the crazed comic fan persuading a hero to fulfil his fate echoes Mr Glass in Unbreakable.

Trivia: The episode title is a homage to Action Comics, the first home of Superman in the comic books.

Did You Spot? Lois’s undercover alias of Sadie Blodgett is lifted from an old issue of Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane.

Mmmm, Sexy: Why, Miss Lane, you’re beautiful! Yup, Durance provides some sizzle while rocking the classic specs, bun and business suit look.

Best Line
Chloe: "Rachel Davenport is not just a star. She’s practically her own constellation."

Nick Setchfield

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