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Smallville 7.02 Kara review

Original US airdate: 4/10/07

Written by: Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer

Directed by: James Conway


The One Where: Clark decides to leave Smallville – but not before he encounters cousin Kara. Lois gets a gig at the Planet and Lex tracks Lana down in China. Meanwhile, the US government get their mitts on a Kryptonian crystal...

Verdict: As the title implies, this one’s a showcase for the nascent Supergirl. Initially Laura Vandervoort plays the wholesome Maid of Might as a little too bratty – “That’s what happens when you touch my stuff!” – but she adds some depth and charm as the episode unfolds. Lex’s discovery of Lana’s Chinese bolt-hole feels way too easy, and as ever with Smallville, Lois enters a high-security facility with miraculous ease.

Highlight: A nicely played scene where Clark tells Kara of the destruction of Krypton.

Did You Spot? Clark says that his neighbour Ben Hubbard will look after the Kent farm – the same Ben Hubbard referenced in throwaway lines in Superman The Movie and Superman Returns.

WTF? New Daily Planet editor Grant Gabriel is preposterously young. He looks barely older than newsroom pup Jimmy Olsen!

Fab FX That’s a wonderful shot of Kara floating in orbit above the Earth, suspended against the stars. All she needs is a fluttering cape...

Best Line:
Chloe (to Kara): "I should have known you were Clark’s cousin from all the primary colours."

Nick Setchfield

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