Sky Blue review

Functioning more as a glorified showreel than as a fully rounded movie, South Korean animation Sky Blue is an uneasy mixture of CGI, miniatures and 2-D that fails to engage either the eye or the brain. It's 2142 and the Earth is a polluted mess, drenched in never-ending rain and populated by lucky sods (who live in a beautiful city) and underdogs (who do all the work). We're talkin' 'bout a revolution, in case you hadn't already guessed...

Admittedly, some of the CGI is flawless - - flies buzzing around a lightbulb, wind turbines sitting moodily in a field - - but first-time director Kim Moon-saeng lets too much of the film become an exercise in plodding, drizzly murkiness.

Bright, hand-drawn characters clash with the smooth, sombre backgrounds, the plot is leaden and despite swearing and gore, there are kiddie characters who could only appeal to ankle-biters. Sky Blue? You'd be better off gazing up at the clouds.

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