Skullgirls Story Mode trailer tells a story of one-on-one punching

“I just play it for the storyline” is always a good defense when it comes to a willfully slick punch-up like Skullgirls, particularly if you've a reputation to preserve as a Serious Gamer. Well, here you go then, here's a whole trailer all about Skullgirls' Story Mode, so you can get the jump on being immersed in this saga of a lost artifact of immeasurable power and... oohh look here's some face-kicking.

Skullgirls has always been explicitly developed to provide old-school fighting-game fans with a good technical brawler to sink their teeth into, and as such the game's story looks to strike the exact right mix of “unobtrusive” and “cool-enabling.” The game saw a delay last year, putting its release date at “early 2012,” which – would you look at that – is now, meaning you should be able to get your hands on it soon enough. Here's our latest preview of the game.