Skullgirls DLC fundraiser hits $650,000

Skullgirls has had its ups and downs since its console release last year, but a supremely successful Indiegogo campaign means the indie tournament fighter's best days are ahead of it. With less than two days left until funding closes, the campaign has brought in almost $650,000--more than four times its $150,000 goal.

Reformed developer Lab Zero Games opened the campaign with a modest goal: keep the team together long enough to add the game's first DLC character, an undead opera singer named Squigly. It's since blown past it, with brass-augmented fighter Big Band confirmed as the next release, and another mystery character set for inclusion as of the latest stretch goals.

Skullgirls was meant to receive multiple updates and DLC characters after its April 2012 release, but since then Skullgirls team was laid off from original developer Reverge Labs. The team was able to reform with access to the property as Lab Zero, and plans to expand to a PC version.

If the campaign breaches $725,000, Lab Zero has even pledged to donate the Skullgirls engine to Mane6, developers of the recently cease-and-desisted fan-game My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic, for its revamped project.

Now that's a feel-good fighting game story if we've ever heard one.

Connor Sheridan

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