Six major titles coming to Wii

Unstoppable video game publisher Electronic Arts announced today that no fewer than six brand new, custom-built titles are coming to Wii. Madden NFL and Need for Speed Carbon we already knew about, but Harry Potter, The Godfather, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and SSX round out the EA lineup, with more games to come.

The company's dedicated Wii development team will be handling all six titles, attempting to keep the basics of each intact while implementing unique Wii features. Madden NFL, especially, is grabbing a lot of attention, and is being strutted around the EA complex today during the publisher's Studio Showcase 2006.

There are no official release dates for any of these newly announced titles, but Madden and Carbon look like easy launch candidates. Harry Potter, on the other hand, might need to stow his wand until the next film hits theaters in 2007 - or it could be a standalone game to fill the gap until an Order of the Phoenix tie-in can be crafted.

July 13, 2006

Brett Elston

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