The Sims 3 expansion pack buyers guide

The Sims 3: Pets

The Sims 3: Pets adds horses, cats, dogs, and more to your Sim household, and this time, they’re part of the family. Pets can be made in Create-A-Sim mode, and have wants and needs just like Sims do. They grow up, fall in love, breed, and build relationships with humans and animals.

Community Lots:

Equestrian Center: Whether you’re hoping to be a horse owner or want your prized pony to compete against others, the equestrian center is the place to be.

Ice Cream Truck: Not a stationary lot, but you can find it on your town map for a sweet frozen treat.

Pet Store: Where to find more pets or accessories and toys for the ones you already have.

Lifetime Wishes:

Ark Builder: Have two animals of every species, including minor pets.

Zoologist: Collect 20 minor pets.

Animal Rescuer: Adopt six stray pets.

Jockey: Max out the riding skill and earn 40,000 simoleans through horseback riding.

Fairytale Finder: Adopt a unicorn.

Canine Companion: Be friends with 15 dogs.

Cat Herder: Befriend 15 cats.

Sim Skills:

Riding: Teens and older can ride horses.

Pet Skills:

Hunting: Dogs and cats can use this skill to stalk and catch prey.

Racing: Can be taught to horses.

Jumping: A horse-only skill that can be developed by using jump training obstacles.

Sim Traits:

Equestrian: Equestrian Sims love horses and horseback riding.

Animal Lover: Animal lovers adore all kinds of pets.

Dog Person: Dog people would prefer to spend time with man’s best friend.

Cat Person: Cat people love their feline companions.

Pet Traits:

Anxious: Available for dogs and cats, anxious pets are nervous and jumpy.

Calm: All playable pets can be calm and quiet.

Clueless: Playable pets with this skill often forget what they’re doing and are easily distracted.

Destructive: Destructive cats and dogs cause chaos everywhere.

Genius: Genius playable pets learn skills more quickly than others.

Loyal: Loyal dogs stick close to Sims with whom they have high relationships and learn skills more quickly.

Noisy: Noisy pets are very vocal, and love to chime in when pets play instruments.

Non-destructive: Dogs and cats with this skill are gentle and won’t ruin your furniture.

Ornery: Ornery horses are stubborn and don’t get along well with Sims.

Agile: Horses that are agile tend to be strong jumpers.

Brave: Brave horses don’t get startled by disruptions.

Fast: A horse-only skill, this makes them great for racing.

Hates Jumping: Horses who hate jumping won’t do well at shows or appreciate your jump training obstacles.

Hydrophobic: Hydrophobic dogs avoid water.

Hyper: Hyper cats and dogs are super active and have a lot of energy.

Lazy: All playable pets can have the lazy trait, which makes them want to stay in one place and lose energy more quickly.

Likes Swimming: Dogs with this trait will gladly hop in the water.

Neat: Neat playable pets are always clean and willing to be bathed.

Piggy: Cats, dogs, and horses with this trait are voracious eaters—even if that means eating from the garbage or drinking from the toilet.

Aggressive: Pets with this trait don’t get along well with other animals.

Friendly: Available to all playable pets, those with the friendly trait get along well with Sims and other pets.

Independent: Independent dogs and cats don’t need companionship and tend to run away from strangers.

Nervous: Nervous horses are often frightened and startled.

Obedient: Horses with the obedient trait are willing to do what they’re told.

Playful: Playful pets have no trouble having fun.

Proud: Dogs and cats with this trait won’t socialize with younger pets, and like to keep themselves clean.

Shy: Horses, dogs, and cats who are shy are happiest when with their Sim, and don’t like being around strange Sims and pets.

Adventurous: Adventurous dogs and cats love to explore and are often curious.

Hunter: Dogs and cats with the hunter trait have excellent instincts for catching prey.

Untrained: Untrained horses won’t easily accept saddles or riders.

Unicorn: A hidden trait of unicorns.

Miscellaneous Additions:

New Neighborhood: Old meets new in Appaloosa Plains, a sprawling town for your pet-loving Sims.

Gourmet Pet Food: Culinary pet owners can cook gourmet food for their animal companions.

Minor Pets: Though not playable, Sims can have small pets that live in cages or aquariums, such as birds, lizards, and rodents.

New home items, hairstyles, clothing options, social interactions, and moodlets.

WooHoo in a haystack.