The Sims 3 expansion pack buyers guide

The Sims 3: Generations

Generations adds new events for every stage of life. Have more fun than ever as a child, rebel against authority and go to prom as a teen, face a mid-life crisis in adulthood, and enjoy your twilight years with a twirling cane when you’re an elder!

Life Events:

Teenage Rebellions: Moody teens will want to skip school, stay out after curfew, and pull pranks. Look out!

Mid-Life Crises: Adult Sims may go through mid-life crises that cause them to act out in strange ways.

Graduation: Upon reaching young adulthood, Sims will celebrate the end of school with a graduation ceremony.


Driving: Teens can now be taught to drive by adults. They can’t drive on their own until they max out the driving skill.

Ballet/Scouting: Child Sims can take ballet or scouting classes after school, and learn new moves as they raise their skill levels.

Hopscotch: Hopscotch courts are now available to add to your Sims’ home, so raise your skill!


Nurturing: Nurturing Sims love being around babies and children, and helping them grow up.

Rebellious: Rebellious Sims are more prone to acting out, especially during their teen years.

Imaginary Friend: A hidden trait of imaginary friends. It can be passed on to children.

Lazy: Another hidden trait found in unmotivated Sims.

Miscellaneous Additions:

Daycare Profession: You can run a daycare out of your own home as your 9-to-5! Parents will drop off their toddlers and children. Spend your days changing diapers and helping with homework.

Boarding School: Tired of your kids and teens? Send them to boarding school. They’ll write home from time to time and gain skills related to their school.

Field Trips: Your school-age Sims might go on field trips, with your permission.

Go on dates with your crush, or WooHoo in the shower or tree house.

Memory system: Memories can be tracked in a scrapbook and shared online.

After-school Activities: Give your kids and teens something to do after school. They’ll be out of your hair and gain new skills!

New Parties: Prom, bachelor/bachelorette parties, teen house parties, sleepover parties, and giant wedding bashes!

Imaginary Friend: Toddler Sims can gain imaginary friends that will grow with them into childhood, teen years, and adulthood.

New home items, hairstyles, clothing, moodlets, social interactions, and lifetime wishes.