Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific - hands-on

There’s a good chance that the Silent Hunter submarine-sim series slipped past your sonar despite its success with critics and a loyal fan base of modders and mapmakers. A few years ago, Silent Hunter III grabbed us by the collar and threw us in a giant metal tube of destruction - filled with surly seamen to manage - and ordered us to sink warships ready to blow us to smithereens. Not an easy task. But the game succeeded in delivering an immersive and convincing simulation of what it must have been like to command a U-boat through deadly waters.

Fast-forward to today and developer, Ubisoft Romania looks ready to up the ante once more with Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific. Set in the Pacific theater of WW-II, Silent Hunter 4 will toss you into the tumultuous tides of the submarine war between the US and Imperial Japan.