Silent Hill Origins

One of the more mysterious games at last week's E3, appropriately enough, was Silent Hill Origins. According to Konami, that was intentional - the best way to get people interested is with mystery. With only a confusing video trailer full of images of a trucker in the night, meat hooks and a house full of disturbed spirits, we still aren't sure what the game is all about. Click "movies" up above to see it for yourself. We do know that this new PSP version of the popular series is not, as was rumored, a remake of the original - instead, it takes place a few years before it.

Instead of just going for a remake, it was decided that the best course would be to add something entirely new to the series. Silent Hill Origins delves into the past of the mysterious town, through the eyes of an entirely new main character: Travis O'Grady. This all-American trucker is pulled off the road and forced to face his fears in Silent Hill. If you've explored the dingy streets of this hell-town before, you'll run into familiar faces: Alessa and Dahlia lurk in the shadows, but new characters will be there too.

It wouldn't be a Silent Hill game if the town wasn't a warped mirror of its main character. Silent Hill Origins burrows straight into Travis' head. Stoic and detached, he'll explore the town and confront the turmoil inside himself - but unfortunately, we don't know what that is, just yet. Though the game is being developed in the US - a Silent Hill first - the original creators are looking over every idea.