Silent Hill creator’s new game will be a horror action-adventure slated for 2023

Bokeh Game Studio
(Image credit: Bokeh Game Studio)

Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama has revealed he's working on a new action-adventure horror game.

Speaking to IGN Japan in a recent interview, the former Silent Hill creator revealed that his new project will combined action-adventure with horror. Additionally, Toyama also revealed that the new game is currently targeting a 2023 release window, and although it's currently being developed with PC in mind, the team want to bring it to "as many console platforms as possible."

Toyama also reveals that the new project doesn't yet have a formal name, but will feature "battles and story elements" that will "appeal to fans of my previous work." The veteran developer also speaks about wanting to make this new venture "more of a horror-orientated game" but he still wants it to appeal to a broader audience, so it won't exactly be a "hardcore horror game".

Just earlier this month, Toyama and a group of other PlayStation veterans revealed their departure from the company, announcing Bokeh Game Studio in the video below. Joining Toyama in the new venture are Kazunobu Sato, whose credits include the fantastic Last Guardian, and Junya Okura, lead designer on the eclectic Gravity Rush series.

There's a lot to be excited about by Bokeh Game Studio's ambitions. Fans of Silent Hill will surely love the creator going back to work surrounded by fellow PlayStation veterans, and making a broadly-appealing horror game sounds like quite an intriguing challenge for the veteran team to tackle.

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