Sick new Skate video

Mastering EA’s upcoming extreme sports title, Skate, due to be released on 28 September and 12 October for 360 and PS3 respectively, isn’t going to be a walk in the concrete-covered park.

Just as the real-world skate scene isfull of bone-breaking bail videos, Skate’s virtual community will soon be bursting with eye-popping clips. And to get the tiny wheals rolling, the Skate team has produced a trailer demonstrating that even the pros can get it horribly wrong sometimes.

We're alsopleased to see that thenew batchof screens include a few shotsfrom the inner-city, which feature cars and city folk going about their business while the skaters grind, ollie and kickflip their way about the place.

Want more wince-inducing footage of grown men falling off tiny wooden planks? Then head on over to ourcollection of YouTube clips.

James Jarvis
Executive Producer, GR Video

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