Siam Sunset review

From the producer of The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert, Siam Sunset taps a similar vein of Antipodean road-movie kitsch.

Perry (Linus Roache) works happily for a paint company in England, dreaming up beautiful colours until his wife - in a moment of inspired surrealism - is fatally crushed by a falling fridge. Distraught, he sets off on a quest to find a special colour, siam sunset, which he believes will bring him peace. Cue a ghastly coach tour across the Outback, on which he falls in with Grace (Danielle Cormack), herself on the run from her criminal ex, and watches in bewilderment as a string of disasters happen all around him.

The slapstick gusto of the direction - by first-timer John Polson, better known as Tom Cruise's helicopter-flying sidekick in M:I-2 - hardly compensates for a mind-bogglingly contrived plot, while the normally charismatic Roache seems as lost as his character.

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