Sony hopeful on changing PSN IDs, but right now? "We dont know if we can ever do it"

Sony's recently leaked survey on potential PS4 firmware features (opens in new tab) included a lot of very popular ideas, but by far the option that resonated the most was the ability to change your PSN ID. Clearly a lot of you made some poor life choices in those troublesome mid-teen years when everything was the best thing ever and you'd definitely never regret that Harry Potter tattoo.

But, while changing IDs has been on people's wish lists for years, its future still hangs in the balance with Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida admitting that while he knows everyone wants it and he's hopeful, he's still waiting to find out if it's even technically possible.

Here's what he said speaking to PlayStation France: "Well, I wish I know. we are aware that lots of people are asking for the feature and out engineers are looking into what they can do. As soon as we know we’ll let you know. But as of today we don’t even know if we can ever do it. Hopefully, we will be able to provide that feature on the future."

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So there you go: Sony is trying its best. And, quick bonus news: the PS5 (opens in new tab) doesn't exist yet apparently:

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Good to clear that up then.

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