Shooting stars

Resistance: Fall of Man
If you're a fan of the Ratchet & Clank series on PS2, then you'll know what to expect from its developer's first PS3 shooter: lots of cool guns.

Resistance stakes its claim here not for its barmy WWII-versus-aliens in the UK theme, but because it could make shooting guns and lobbing grenades interesting again. One gun can 'paint' a target, then sends every following shot in pursuit regardless of where they hide, while another fires rounds which slowly but surely burn straight through walls and obstacles. Toss a Hedgehog grenade into a room and the rods that burst out will nail any cover - and enemies behind them - to the walls. There's plenty more - and then there's 40-person multiplayer.

Resistance: Fall of Man is coming to PS3 in 2007

Above: Bring alien soldiers down with some old-fashioned lead and you'll get access to their less conventional weapons