Shooting stars

We've had magical FPS games and sci-fi FPS games, but it's taken the Shadowrun license to combine the two in a future where guns and spells go head-to-head. It's not as simple as one side throwing rockets and the other fireballs, but allowing all players to mix and match effects that change the style of play.

For instance, you get a backpack glider, which after a few false starts lets you swoop around levels like Batman. Combine that with the teleportation power that jumps you ten feet forwards (and if there's a wall, ceiling or floor in the way, straight through it), and you'll find yourself playing it more like a platformer than a shooter - jumping, flying and teleport-dashing out of the line of fire.

Shadowrun is coming in 2007 to PC and Xbox 360

Above: Magic also comes in handy for bringing splattered team members back to fight again