Shooting stars

The Darkness
Being based on a comic has let The Darkness' developer take a slick-but-standard urban shooter and pile on the supernatural extras: your character's a dab hand with guns, but turn or shoot the lights out and he can really go to town.

Including tentacles that can harpoon and throw objects (there's the physics), summoning murderous gremlin helpers (there's the squad tactics), or leaping ahead through shadows (there's the portals), it's not a question of a shooter with added gimmicks, but a question of "why don't other shooters let you have this much fun?" OK, we're not expecting The Darkness to inspire a super-powered Medal of Honor, but we do hope other games take notice.

The Darkness is coming in 2007 to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

Above: Blow cars up, or shake them to bits with the tentacles springing out of your shoulders? We went for the second option too