"Shocking" Kane & Lynch ads banned

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned "shocking" magazine and television ads for Eidos and IO Interactive's Kane %26amp; Lynch: Dead Men in the UK - because people totally still care about the game, apparently.

The magazine ad, which shows a crying, gagged woman with her head held back by Kane and co, has been ordered not to be printed again after complaints were made, calling the image "graphic" and "shocking,"MCV reports.

"The portrayal of violence it contained, with particular regard to the female hostage, was graphic and too shocking to be seen in an untargeted medium," the ASA said.

The television ad was also moaned at, because of a "crunch" sound when the butt of a rifle hits a victim's head, and a man with a bloodied face appears to have his throat cut. "We considered [this was] likely to cause offence and distress to viewers despite the animated treatment," said the body.

In defense, Eidos said the poster image was intended to be "cinematic" and it was not its intention to cause offence. The publisher also pointed out that the woman in the print ad was unharmed despite being gagged.

UK Channel 4 and Channel Five have apologized for any distress caused from broadcasting the ad.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 9, 2008