Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked Cheats

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked Unlockables

  • 3DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Title Unlocks

    New Game plus

    Despot - 20P:
    Finished the Naoya/Kaido 8th day

    Gin's Savior - 20P:
    Saved Gin in battle.

    Haru's Savior - 20P:
    Prevented Haru's death.

    Keisuke's Savior - 20P:
    Prevented Keisuke's death.

    Mari's Savior - 20P:
    Prevented Mari's death.

    Messiah - 20P:
    Finished the Amane route's 8th day.

    Muckraker - 20P:
    Discovered the government's secret weapon.

    Peacemaker - 20P:
    Finished the Yuzu route's 8th day.

    Reinforcer - 20P:
    Strengthened the barrier on Yuzu's 8th day.

    Warlord - 20P:
    Finished the Naoya/Kaido 8th day without killing.

    Prize Winner - 30P:
    Emerged victorious from Ghost Q's challenge.

    Blessed - 60P:
    Finished the Amane route.

    Escapee - 60P:
    Finished the Yuzu route.

    Master - 60P:
    Finished the Atsuro route.

    Overlord - 60P:
    Finished the Naoya/Kaido route.

    Sleepwalker - 60P:
    Saved the Sage of Time's Victims.

    Vanquisher - 60P:
    Finished the Gin route.

    Survivor - 70P:
    Finished the game once.

    Ghost Buster - 90P:
    Thwarted Yomotsu Ikusa's scheme.

    Demon Collector - 100P:
    Registered all generic-fusion demons.

    Hell Fighter - 120P:
    Emerged victorious from Nebiros' challenge.

    Skillful - 150P:
    Cracked all possible skills.

    Focused - 200P:
    Finished the game with no free battles.

    Star Destroyer - 200P:
    Emerged victorious from Lucifer's challenge.

    Unkillable - 200P:
    Finished the game without any deaths.

    Demon Wrangler - 400P:
    Registered all possible demons.

  • 3DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    New Game plus unlockables

    New game plus

    Carry over skills: 10P

    Carry over 1 demon: 10P

    10% Compendium discount: 40P

    Carry over auction: 40P

    Carry over 4 demons: 60P

    Remove EXP limit: 60P

    Remove fusion LV limit: 70P

    Fallen Star: 100P

    Carry over Macca: 110P

    30% Compendium discount: 120P

    Carry over 8 demons: 180P

    50% Compendium discount: 200P

    Carry over all demons: 300P