Sharp as a Warhawk

We've laid our hands on some new screenshots of Sony's next-gen shoot-'em-up, Warhawk, which reveal some of the larger airborne vessels that appear in the game. Click the Images tab above for the full set.

Warhawk is a futuristic shooter in which you assume the role of soldier protecting his homeland from the invading Chernovan army. The all-out war that ensues can be fought on land but it's the aerial dogfights that Sony has been focusing on, as you will be able to control the futuristic jets using the tilt function of the PS3 controller

The new shots show several airborne aircraft carriers that are absolutely huge. Clustered around them is a squadron of jet fighters, demonstrating the ability of the Warhawk game engine to cope with masses of on-screen action.

Warhawk was one of the few playable PlayStation 3 games at E3 earlier this year, and is expected to be a launch game for the console when it comes out this autumn.

June 30, 2006