Sharlto Copley stars in new trailer for superhero series Powers: watch now

A new trailer has arrived for Powers, the new series based on Brian Michael Bendis’ comic-book starring Sharlto Copley as a homicide cop investigating cases involving superhuman abilities.

Super-powers are commonplace in the world in which the series is set, but the introduction of two new strains of drugs that drain and boost said powers is about to turn this world on its head.

Judging from this latest trailer, the new show promises to be a fully adult experience, with F-bombs flying left right and centre, and plenty of splatter to accompany the super-powers on show...

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

The new series is set to air exclusively via Sony’s PlayStation Network, a distribution technique that has evidently allowed it to dodge traditional network censorship, hence the gore and swears…

Co-starring Susan Heyward, Eddie Izzard and Noah Taylor, the first episode of Powers is available to watch via PlayStation now, with the following nine episodes set to arrive each subsequent Tuesday.

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