Shadow of the Colossus-inspired Prey for the Gods now on Kickstarter

Last fall, a group of three independent developers revealed Prey for the Gods, an impressive looking giant slayer simulator that leaned heavily on Shadow of the Colossus-inspired monsters and gameplay. I noted then that it had all the makings of a crowdfunding campaign, and eight months later, that campaign has begun; Prey for the Gods is now available for backing via Kickstarter.

A lot has changed since October 2015, mind you. There's two entirely new creatures to behold, as well as a grappling hook to help you scale these massive monstrosities. The three team members that make up No Matter Studios have also quit their previous jobs and devoted themselves to the project full-time.

There's also a better sense of scale now - should the game be funded at $300k, Prey for the Gods will feature five bosses. A sixth, seventh, and eighth boss will be added should funding reach $700k, $800k, and $900k, respectively. PS4 and Xbox One versions will be developed if funding reaches $600k. Putting $15 down will net you a digital copy when the game is released (tentatively December 2017), while higher reward tiers include the usual: your likeness modeled in-game, a special area designed for you, t-shirts, and art books.

I admit I wasn't too sure about Prey for the Gods when it was first shown. Three people working part time on something that evoked the sense of scale in Shadow of the Colossus seemed impossible. And while I won't say if you should or shouldn't back this game - that's your own decision to make and risk to take - it seems to be in a much better place now. I'll at least be keeping an eye on this one.

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Sam Prell

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